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Hi, I’m Staci “Artemis” Anderson. I like to hike, travel, color my hair like a majestic unicorn, take pictures, hang with my pup and eat food. I’m an advocate for the protection of our wild places and for suicide prevention and mental health awareness.

I am currently planning my second thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail for the summer of 2018. This time around I will be heading south (SOBO) and fundraising for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. My campaign is called ‘Hiking for Hope and Healing,’ and you can donate to my cause HERE.

I also did a blog post on why I’m hiking for this particular cause, check it out!





In 2013, I hiked the Wonderland Trail in my home state of Washington. A few months later I hiked a 100 mile section of the Oregon Coast Trail, and in 2014 I hiked all 400 miles of it. In 2016 I thru-hiked the 2650 mile Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada.

A few weeks after I finished the PCT, I packed my bags and moved abroad, living in Denmark and then eventually England. I spent 9 months traveling, trekking across the Spanish island of Tenerife, cycling and camping in Denmark in the dead of winter, hiking from the urban center of Glasgow, Scotland for 350 miles up the West Highland Way and Cape Wrath Trail, and thru-hiking the 630 mile South West Coast Path in England.

I currently reside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, near Seattle.

More About Me:

  • I grew up in rural Washington state, in a small hick town in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains and about an hour outside of Seattle. My home life was awful growing up, and I spent a fair amount of time either running away from home or in the foster care system. When I found out what the nearby Alpine Lakes Wilderness had to offer, it changed my whole world. Through hiking and backpacking, as well as therapy, I was able to find happiness again and cope with my severe depression and anorexia.
  • My trail names have been: Legit, Danger Noodle and Artemis.
  • I am in a loving and stable relationship. I have little contact with my biological family because I consider them to be toxic people. That is all I am willing to get into about my personal relationships. I prefer to keep my private life just that: private.
  • I’m a history buff! I love to nerd out to local history along the trail.
  • I have a cat called Chinook and a little Aussie heeler dog named Nebula.
  • Star Wars, ride or die baby.
  • My favorite foods are tacos, nachos, Pho, craft beer, matcha tea, coffee, chocolate, peanut butter, basically all cheese, guacamole, onion rings, Thai food and big, greasy burgers.
  • Raspberries might be the only food I actually don’t like.
  • I love making lists, probably because it’s cheaper than therapy.
  • My favorite animals are otters (besides my dog and cat of course).
  • Love going to the cinema
  • Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love going all out for it.

Through this blog, I hope to inspire and educate those who are interested in wilderness travel. I do not consider myself an expert, as the wilderness still has a great deal to teach me. I want to share my experiences with anyone who is willing; who thinks there is value in our surrounding forests, mountains and canyons. I hope to inspire you to get outside, go camping and hiking, clean up our trails and see how nature can positively affect your mental well being.

If you see me on the trail, please stop and say Hi! I can be found roaming my local Alpine Lake Wilderness area.

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that Goddamn mountain.”

-Jack Kerouac

Thanks for dropping by and having a read, it’s greatly appreciated.

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Please consider donating to my campaign with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and help me achieve my goal of raising $1 per mile hiked on the PCT.

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Crossing Panhandle Gap, Wonderland Trail
The Wonderland Trail
Bryce Canyon, Utah
Hiking the Oregon Coast Trail
The Oregon Coast Trail
Spelunking in Belize
Hiking in the Cascade Mountains in Washington State
At home in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness
Crossing from California into Oregon on the Pacific Crest Trail
Finishing the PCT at the Northern Terminus on the Canadian Border
At the start of the South West Coast Path in Minehead, England.
On the Jurassic Coast in England.
Trekking in the Scottish Highlands